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Google Play Music 5.9.1854R

Google Play Music 5.9.1854R Free Download

free download

An app with a streaming service of music on demand, without advertisements


Google Play Music is a free mobile application, developed by Google Inc, and designed to access the Google Play Music streaming service. This is a kind of player but with advanced functions because it enables access to your Google Play profile and all the music you have there. Hear your favorite music anywhere, anytime; share it through social networks, discover new sounds, enjoy unlimited listening to customized radios, and more.

You don’t need to sync your devices, all your music will be available from every device

There are two variants of the service, the Standard and the Premium. The Standard service has some limitations but no advertising. The Premium service is for a feed and allows you to listen unlimited music, to get recommendations based in your music style, to access playlists created by Google Play Music experts, amongst others.

Create your own and customized Radio Station
Create your own and customized Radio Station

How to use

The design is succinct and visual, with quick access and tabs to organize content by categories. It offers two systems of music recommendations: through an algorithm that performs calculations based on your musical tastes; and through playlists created by music specialists. These playlists are classified by more of 200 music genres and subgenres.

Google Play works with a user profile, so you don’t need to sync your devices since all your music will be available from every device. You can access your music, upload up to 20 thousand songs and you can also add more music purchased in Google Play. There is no need to use cables or to connect devices with the PC, as you can update your music from your computer.

It provides an offline mode, which is ideal for special events, such as plane travel. Store the music you want to listen to on your phone, but do so prior to disconnecting from the Internet. It offers some 2.0 functions, such as the ability to share music that you have purchased in Google Play with your friends, through Google+.

sugestions of experts
sugestions of experts

Google Play Music 5.9.1854R Features

The main features of this program are:

  • It offers several services in one: an advanced player, a music streaming service, a cloud storage service, the option to create our own radio, etc.
  • It is a free service and doesn’t include advertising
  • Google Play has expanded its catalog of music, including . If you get premium service, this huge catalog will be at your fingertips
  • You don’t need to sync the devices, Google Play is updated automatically
  • This download offers an offline mode. You will be able to listen your music anytime, anywhere
  • You won’t be worried about the space of storage, it works with cloud technology and display via streaming.
  • You will be able to upload up to 20.000 of your songs to your profile of Google Play Music
  • The Premium version allows you to hear millions of songs without limits, to create customized radios, skip music you don’t want to hear, and it offers recommendations for music similar to your style

If you need more information to download this app, visit the developer’s website .

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System requirements

To install this download correctly, it requires as a minimum:

  • Operating System: iOS 6.0 and Android 2.2
  • HDD Space: 8.5 MB


Google Play Music is the mobile application that you need to hear your favorite music via streaming, with cloud storage service and an offline mode. This app will let you to share a song purchased in Google Play to your Friends, for free and through Google+; and if you get the subscription option, you will be able to enjoy its radio features.

free download


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